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Do you have garments that are too long in the leg or shirt that's too long in the sleeve?
Here is a range of prices for the most common alterations for shortening:
Jeans/Pants £12
Pants (Hand Finished) £14
Dresses/Skirt (Unlined) £15
Dresses/Skirt (Lined) £20
Gowns £40
Jacket Sleeves (Unlined) £15
Jacket Sleeves (Lined) £18
Jacket Shoulders (Unlined Only) £25
Coat (Hems) £30
T-shirts £10
Tapering means taking in the sides of a garment. Do you have garments that are too loose on the waist?
Pants/Jeans (Waist) £15
Pants (Unlined) £18
Pants (Lined) £25
Jeans (Legs) £15
Skirt (Unlined) £16
Skirt (Lined) £22
Shirt (Sides) £18
T-Shirt (Sides) £15
Dresses (unlined) £20
Dresses (lined) £26
Do you have curtains that don't hang or fit properly? I offer a service to alter curtains drop or sides.
Here is a range of prices for different sized curtains:
Shorten Drop from top (Unlined) £12 per 54inch width
Shorten Drop from top (Lined) £16 per 54inch width
Shorten Drop from bottom (Unlined) £15 per 54inch width
Shorten Drop from bottom (Lined) £19 per 54inch width
Here are a range of other services I provide. If the service your looking for is not listed, please message me using my contact form.
Jeans zip Replacement £12
Pants zip Replacement £10
Trouser pockets Repaired/Replaced £8 each
Dress zip Replacement £15
Jeans Rips/Tears Repair £11
Anorak zip Replacement £1 per inch/2 cms
Small Leatherwork Repair £9

Your wedding is one of those occasions where you want to look and feel amazing on your special day. The fit of a wedding dress is very important, as bad fitting clothes not only feel uncomfortable, but can also look unflattering. Maybe the bodice is just a little too tight with the zipper not going right up. The solution is to have an insert fitted in the back, fastened with ties, or the sides might need taking in for a snug fit. A common alteration on gowns is to have them shortened.

After the ceremony you might want to continue wearing your dress. If it has a train, having a bustle fitted is a great idea. This enables you to move freely and dance the night away.

On the first appointment you will have an initial fitting. This is an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries you may have. Further fittings will depend on style and fabric of the wedding dress.

When collecting your wedding dress, you will be able to have a final fitting. This ensures the alterations are to your satisfaction. It is important that you bring shoes, undergarments and hoops that you will be wearing with your wedding dress.

I advice that you book an appointment 3 months prior to your wedding, however I would consider emergencies for a small extra charge.

If you require a consultation, there will be a charge £5 per 15 minutes.

Wedding Dress Shorten (Full) £85
Wedding Dress Shorten (Front) £50
Wedding Dress Bodice (Sides) £45
Wedding Dress Straps £20
Wedding Dress Shoulders £28
Wedding Dress Bustle £30
Wedding Dress Back (Inserts) £42
Wedding Dress (Back Train altered) £45
Bridesmaid Dress Shorten £50
Bridesmaid Bodice (Sides) £35
Bridesmaid Shoulders £23
Bridesmaid Straps £18